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                                                      FOR YOUR ADVERTISEMENT, OR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WILL LIKE TO  BROADCAST  WITH                                                                                                                             GOLDEN FM, You Can Send Email to -

                                                      Or send text or WhatsApp message to (+1) 267-784-8029. In Nigeria, you can call (01) 440 8093.


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  As a Golden FM Club Member, you can share and make reasonable suggestions.
We value your opinions so we can continue to bring you the best of programs on air.

        You can make a Special Gift today so we can continue to bring you great programs and music.

  Your giving is an investment of hope and inspiration to our listeners!

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As a token of our appreciations for donation, we also have gift package for you.

You can also claim from our valuable gift items which include audio cd, video cd, pen, key holder, diary, mug or T shirt.      

You may also join and share our visions and let Golden FM connect your business with our listeners world-wide


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