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                                                      FOR YOUR ADVERTISEMENT, OR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WILL LIKE TO  BROADCAST  WITH                                                                                                                             GOLDEN FM, You Can Send Email to -

                                                      Or send text or WhatsApp message to (+1) 267-784-8029. In Nigeria, you can call (01) 440 8093.



Advertising with Golden FM Station is one of the most effective ways to reach your targeted audience worldwide.

Music Artists, Authors, Local and International Businesses, Event Planners, Religious Organizations etc., you can effectively and efficiently reach your target through our online radio, Online Campaign and our Online Social media networks. 


For on-air and online advertising inquiries,  please contact phone: +1 267-784-8029, or email


For radio and online advertising inquiries, please contact:


For radio, online and social network social network advertising inquiries, please contact: