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                                                      FOR YOUR ADVERTISEMENT, OR IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AND WILL LIKE TO  BROADCAST  WITH                                                                                                                             GOLDEN FM, You Can Send Email to -

                                                      Or send text or WhatsApp message to (+1) 267-784-8029. In Nigeria, you can call (01) 440 8093.


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You can also call-to-listen by phone. In United states, dial: 712-775-8102

In Nigeria, and other parts of the world,  you can download our App to your phone or mobile device: From your play store, search and download Golden FM 365, or from TuneIn, Streema Apps, search "GoldenFM365".


To advertise or be a sponsor for  any of our shows, please contact us at the following numbers: In the United States, call +1 (267) 784-8029. In United Kingdom call 02038684045. In Nigeria call 014408093.

*** If you will like to be a Presenter with Golden FM, please send us an email or  send a text message to +1 (267) 784-8029.

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                                                                            Phone - United States: +1 (267) 784-8029

                      Nigeria: 01 440-8093, 0803-352-9674          



Do you have need for an MC, Music Artist, DJ, Live Musicians, Video Camera man, Photographers, Drummer, Keyboardist, Live Musician, Caterers, Event planner, etc. Contact us to discuss:


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